Q1. How do I choose ramen?
A1. There are the indicators for soup and noodles about each ramen. Ramen List also helps you understand the characteristics of ramen.
Q2. Des two day shipping means it will arrive in 2 days?
A2. No, it doesn't in some cases. Two day shipping orders received on weekends after 12 noon Friday through 12 noon Monday will ship on Monday.
Q3. If ramen does not come for 5 days, can I call the ramen store?
A3. It sometimes takes more than 5 days to get ramen delivered because of the shipping schedule or some back orders. Please check the delivery status in the email from us. 


Q4. Is the ramen delivered frozen?
A4. No, it is not perfectly frozen but refrigerated. 
Q5. How long should I boil the noodles?
A5. The boiling time depends on the ramen. Please see the cooking instruction on the ramen preview page.
Q6. Do I need to add water to the soup?
A6. No, you don't. The soup is straight. Just boil the soup package or range up a bowl of soup.
Q7. Can I range up the soup?
A7. Yes, you can. But don't put the package directly in the microwave but open it on a bowl to range it up.
Q8. Do you have gluten free noodles?
A8. No, we don't for now.