About Ramenguys

What is “Ramenguys”?

"Ramenguys" is the online ramen marketplace that allows ramen lovers the opportunity to eat the authentic ramen at your place. The famous and popular ramen is delivered refrigerated to you. You just boil the packages for the wonderful experience! "Ramenguys" realizes the high-quality ramen anytime and anywhere.

Popular ramen at your place! 

Many famous ramen restaurants participate in our service.  With our new concept, you can eliminate the long wait lines at the popular ramen restaurants while enjoying your favorite ramen anytime at your place.


Authentic ramen

Our product is different from instant ramen, but exactly the same flavorful ramen that is served at the restaurants.  Soup, noodles and toppings are frozen and shipped out (except boiled egg).  You can enjoy taste of famous ramen at your place.


100% original soup


Delicious toppings

What is different from other ramen? 


Same as store

Anytime you can eat

No tips, No service fee

Instant Ramen

Instant taste

Anytime you can eat

Super cheap

Delivery Ramen (like Uber Eats)

Same as store

Limited order time

A lot of extra charges

Easy to cook!

The entire process is very simple.  Once the refrigerated ramen is delivered, you just simply have to boil the packages that consists of the soup, noodles and toppings. It takes only 5-9 min to get your ramen prepared and there you go!