About Us

Our Mission

Our team has the same background that we have been involved in the ramen industry for many years in Japan, the United States and/or Mexico. We have seen a lot of people in these countries enjoy Japanese ramen like ramen is their soul food. Our mission is to expand ramen food culture everywhere in the world.  We are starting with Chicago and Los Angeles local ramen restaurants, then gathering as many ramen restaurants as you can find in the world. "Ramenguys" promises to contribute to Japanese ramen as a marketplace to sell a variety of ramen to the world.

Our Vision

To achieve our mission, we introduce refrigerated ramen delivery that customers can enjoy the authentic ramen at home or any place. First of all, we want our customers to know that cooking our refrigerated ramen is easy and convenient.  In fact, ramen only takes about 5-9 min for preparation, and customers can still enjoy the restaurant quality ramen at home.  We are confident that once people know how easy it is to make delicious ramen, they will like it for sure.  We hope Japanese ramen will become as popular as sushi.

Our Team

Kenta Ikehata is a veteran chef and ramen specialist, who created sensation in Los Angeles by launching famous Tokyo-based “Tsujita” ramen which specializes in Tsukemen that the late critic Jonathan Gold described as a "syrup-dense dipping sauce porkier than pork itself. He now owns Chicago Ramen in Chicago, Ramenya in Mexico City and some Japanese restaurants. 

Chef Kenta Ikehata

We are looking forward to introducing many kinds of ramen to the world.

From Ramenguys team