"Ramenguys" sells famous and popular ramen to customers. We don't have our own warehouse. All ramen is shipped from our partner ramen restaurants so ramen is always fresh. You can eat the high-quality ramen anytime and anywhere. You don't have to wait a long line for your seat at the restaurants any more.

How RamenGuys Does?

The ramen is frozen at the restaurants and delivered refrigerated with the ice packs in the insulated box to you. The straight soup, original noodles and homemade toppings give you the wonderful experience at your place. It takes only 5-9 min to get your ramen prepared. Just boil the packages! 

 Ramen Package

You can eat the authentic ramen anytime and anywhere.

Ramen Portion

The portion of one serving ramen varies from the individual restaurants. The soup is about 10-14oz and the noodles are about 4.2-6.4oz. If you are a big eater, you may need two bowls or "Kaedama (extra noodles)".


Our ramen package is insulated to keep ramen refrigerated up to 48 hours or more so THE CUSTOMERS MUST CHOOSE ONE DAY OR TWO DAYS SHIPPING. If the ramen is in stock in the restaurant, it will be delivered to you in a couple of days.

How is the product packed?

The ramen is frozen at the restaurants and packed with the ice pack gels in the insulated box. The ice pack gels may thaw in transit and you will get the ramen partially frozen or refrigerated.


Shipping fee

Shipping fee is not included in the product prices. One day or two days shipping fee in the same state is about $15. 

Food expirations

If you keep the ramen in the freezer, it will last for a month or more. But we recommend you eat it within 2 weeks after the delivery.


All major credit & debit cards, PayPal and other payment methods are acceptable.

Return Policy

Returns are only accepted, if the order is mistaken by our team or if our product is in a bad condition.