How to Cook Perfect Ramen?

When cooking ramen, soup temperature and noodle boiling are key. Follow the tips below for delicious ramen in under 10 minutes! 

1. Use separate pots for the soup & topping package and raw noodles. Don't boil the noodles in the soup.

Cooking Tips

2. Boil the soup package to the boiling point. The ideal soup temperature is 195 degrees or higher. Lukewarm soup never results in delicious ramen. 

3. Use your biggest pot and use as much water as possible to boil the noodles. One serving of noodles needs half a gallon or more of boiling water.  

4. Only after the water is completely boiled, put the noodles in. Placing the noodles in anything but boiling water destroys the texture of the noodle. 

5. Drain the noodles well after boiling them. Watery noodles dilutes the soup.

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